Iwise family are dream guardians who help each others achieve their dream and protect dream of their owner. On a rainy night, Iwise creator - Richard Joe was facing hard time of his life that he didn't seem to find the way out. He was lost, lonely, demotivated and wondering why it is so hard just to follow his dreams. After the rain had stopped, he looked upon the sky and found shining stars in the sky. He smiled and realized that there is always hope. He was inspired by adopting the shape of the star together with the smiling icons to make characters with different characteristics to compose a story. Iwise Family and story reminds him to be optimistic, to hope and gives him inspiration to realize his dreams then develop a business and sale various products for sharing revenue to develop social through LRF (www.liferevo.org) that he founded. 



The LifeRevo Project was started in 2009 as a volunteer project, aiming at inspiring students and youth to pursue a meaningful life. There have been volunteer activities with 22 rural schools. The experiences culminated throughout these six years have instilled the volunteers with determination to develop the student and youth’s skills, which are not intensively provided in existing education system. Such skills include for example creative thinking, confidence building, presentation and communication skills which could be acquired through learning music, art, sport and design. The ultimate goal of this project is to prepare valuable human resources for the society through the development of youth.


The Project has raised a fund of 2,000,000 Baht, which has been given back to the society through various activities. Its founder, Mr.Raseak Rattanthanakul, intends to develop the Project to a non-profit organization named “LifeRevo Foundation” to pursue his determination in inspiring youth. He hopes that the work would bring light to the youth, so that they could set valuable goals in their lives and pursue them.


“LifeRevo” is made up of the word “Life” and the short form of the word “Revolution”. Its meaning is to bring change for better lives.


Create an organization that develops youth’s capacity namely inspiration, imagination, confidence and self-respect attitude, by employing music, art, design and sport as essential tools.


1. Establish extra curriculum activities including music, art, design and sports, which aim at inspiring the youth to understand value and meaning of lives; be aware of their selves and capacity; think creatively; be equipped with essential skills in living in the society. 

2. Build the “Imaginative Playground” for target schools, to create the space for youth to develop their brains, physics and minds.

3. Raise awareness, in the target youth groups, on self-dependence and self-development to live meaningful lives and be responsible to the society and environment, which is a key to sustainable society.

4. Build capacity for the teachers that participate in the extra curriculum activities, to ensure the success of the newly-created activities.

5. Create a “Learning Community” through to share thinking, experiences and resources among relevant stakeholders.

6. Support needed resources for self-development in the target student and youth groups.

7. Support charities without any political-oriented purposes.



1. Create website www.liferevo.com and www.liferevo.tv, online platforms that provide contents especially interviews of various people to inspire the audiences.

2. Blue Carpet Seminar, a platform to inspire people through the lives of idols. Two seminars have been organized as follows:

- The First Blue Carpet Seminar “Building Entrepreneurial Spirit” was organized in 2009. The keynote speakers included Mr.Somsak Chalachol, Mr.Thanatorn Juengrungruengkit, Mr.Chanon Ruengkrittiya and Mr.Sawas Horrungrueng. Half of the revenue from this event was donated to the fund for the “Global Social Venture” Competition.

- The Second Blue Carpet Seminar “The Dream Chaser” was organized in 2010, with Mr.Kamol Sukosol and Mr.Krating Poonpol as the keynote speakers

3. iwise family T-Shares : Buy 1 Give 1 Free, sale of T-shirts with iwise family cartoon icons. The buying of one T-shirt contributes to the giving of another T-shirt for students in the rural schools. The Project has distributed 2,000 T-shirts in 24 schools.


4. Sharing the Dream, an activity complementing the T-share project, organized during the field trip to rural schools to distribute the T-shirts. Each T-shirt distributed to a student is to be traded with the drawing of his/her dream. The students are asked to also present their drawings to the volunteers, to booster their presentation skill and self-confidence. 22 Sharing the Dream activities have been organized so far.