Richard Joe


Richard Joe is the social & design entrepreneur. He was awarded the first place prize in the Thai Young Automotive Designer Award in 2001 and the second place prize in the Thai Automobile Styling Contest in 2003. He has a strong passion in art, design and music. He want to use his ability to create a positive impact for social. He devotes a lot of his leisure time to mature in playing piano and compose songs. He initiated a non-profit entity called LifeRevo Project (, aiming to inspire people to live meaningful lives and to bring change for better lives. The LifeRevo Project has raised a fund of 2,000,000 Baht, which has been given back to the society through various activities. He hopes that the work would bring light to the youth, so that they could set valuable goals in their lives and pursue them. Richard designs Iwise Family™ ( to be a social brand that inspire children to pursue their dreams. The brand has already generated income to support education for children and orphans in rural Thailand.


The Butterfly’s Spirit 



The Butterfly's Spirit is the courageous transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. It thus encourages us to not give up on our dreams and fight for them through continuous self development and commitment to hard works in order to reach our goals. The butterfly’s spirit as same as "discovering a passion that led to the change".    Richard create things from art, design, and music that he love and bring those things combine to various projects as following. 




iwise family


Iwise family are dream guardians who help each others achieve their dream and protect dream of their owner. They were created to help LRF through raising fund and establish the foundation, starting from a small project called “Sharing The Dream Project”.  After this mission is accomplished, Iwise family commit to share 10% of profit via LRF to support education of children in rural Thailand. (




“LifeRevo” is made up of the word “Life” and the short form of the word “Revolution”. Its meaning is to bring change for better lives. The Foundation was founded to support Children & Youth's imagination and education through Design, Art & Music. The LifeRevo Project has raised a fund of 2,000,000 Baht, which has been given back to the society through various activities. Life is beautiful...Let's be optimistic & Follow the dreams. (


Music Performance

Richard has a strong passion in music. he devotes a lot of his leisure time to mature in playing piano and compose songs. He has plan to record his own album in nearly future.

  1. All About (You) - Describing the perspective of love in different times.
  2. Her - Play the piano with the orchestra. 4 songs are Ocean, Earth, Fire, Sky.
  3. Distance - Acoustic music, 4 songs
  4. Recorded - Piano Recital (Classic; Liszt, Debussy, Beethoven, and Chopin 10 songs) 


> The Butterfly's Spirit 2015
"Rebuilding Life"
- Beethoven No.9
- Your Dream

> The Butterfly's Spirit 2017
- Rachmaninoff Concerto No.2 1st Mov.
- HER - Earth, Fire, Sky, Ocean


> The Butterfly's Spirit 2019
"RJ Piano Concerto No.1"
- 1st Mov. "The Butterfly's Spirit"
- 2nd Mov. "The Butterfly's Journey"
- 3rd Mov. "The Butterfly Effect"


iwise family & TIM


Inspiration from a true story tells the ambition of pianist “Richard Joe” who is creator Iwise family to be a companion to defend his dream. Richard has the ambition to become a pianist and composer to play the song of happiness. After Richard succeeded in making his dream reality, thus leading Iwise family to develop a business and sale various products for sharing revenue to develop social through LRF ( that he founded.


Sharing The Dream



Sharing the dream is a joint program of volunteers between Iwise family and LifeRevo. We would like Iwise family to be “Envoy of sharing” and build “Sharing cycle” to exchange T-shirts and other items that friends give to children and painting is painted by children in rural areas. The profits from selling will be donated to LifeRevo Scholarship and LifeRevo project to support social responsibility activities. We know that the share of goods is not a sustainable solution, but there is a way for us to reach the community and get to know the real problems in each community. Any day we are ready, we will bring the knowledge to help develop the community to stand on their own as a strong and sustainable.


 The Butterfly's Spirit


Richard Joe has brought the journey of butterfly to tell the creative work in the field of business and social development which began from a passion to present the documentary “The Butterfly's Spirit” as same as "discovering a passion that led to the change" and used name “The Butterfly's Spirit” for organized charity concert. Richard Joe is the author and attend in the butterfly's spirit charity concert "Rebuilding Life" in 2015 and plan to exhibit the butterfly's spirit 2017 "Resurrection" Piano Concert shows in the songs of Rachmaninoff Concerto No.2 1st Mov. and the music in album Her that he authored and will present the butterfly's piano concert "RJ Piano Concert No.1" in 2019. Movement as following

"The Butterfly's Spirit" - 1st Mov. 

"The Butterfly's Journey" - 2nd Mov. 

"The Butterfly Effect" - 3rd Mov.